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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Howto get system config

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Howto get system config

Hi to all

I want to know if exist some command that help me to see the configuration from my server that run in TRU64 and command to see the version that i run in my server
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Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Howto get system config


the command sizer can give you some information especially sizer -v.
Another command is sysconfig.
Depending on the version of os also sysman is a valuable tool.
See the manual pages. The documentation is also extensive.

Can you specify what you are looking for?


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Re: Howto get system config

1.hwmgr -R | more
2. more /var/adm/messages file check
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Re: Howto get system config


"sysconfig" gives you the entire hardware and software info.
to know the OS version existing "sizer -v" is the command
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Ross Minkov
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Re: Howto get system config


As Michael already asked -- Can you specify what information you are looking for? sysman is a good place to start. Try this:

/usr/sbin/sysman -station

Try also:

vmstat -P <=== for memory
psrinfo -v <=== for CPUs