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Kernel stack not valid halt


Kernel stack not valid halt

Hi admins,

I'm upgrading my Tru64 UNIX from 5.1A to 5.1B. I followed the instruction from hp website and everything seems fine.

After the update installation is completed, the system did an auto re-boot. It failed to reboot and the error message was 'trap: invalid memory read access from kernel mode. heat code:2. Kernel stack not valid halt. Boot failure.'

Anyone knows what goes wrong?
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel stack not valid halt

I don't know what is wrong, but the first thing that I would try is to boot into single user mode with the genvmunix kernel, and compile a new one. At the SRM prompt type:

boot -fi genvmunix -fl s


Replace the current configuration file
Copy the new kernel to /
Reboot the system.
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Re: Kernel stack not valid halt

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I'd tried on boot -fi genvmunix -fl s, I can't get into the single user mode. Error message is the one I mentioned in my 1st mail.

However, i manage to get in to the single user mode using boot -fl C