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LSM- Boot Disk Encapsulation


LSM- Boot Disk Encapsulation


Running Tru64 V5.1

I already have my data disks in LSM ( datadg ).

I have a single disk ( dsk8- unused disk and no data ) in rootdg.

I have my system boot disk ( dsk4 ) as AdvFS partitions.

Now i want to encapsulate my bootdisk ( dsk4 )into LSM and then attach the unused disk ( dsk8 which is already in rootdg at present ) as a mirrored plex.

Things i plan to do are...

1. volencap dsk4 ( In multiuser mode OR Can I do this in single user mode ?? )

2. volreconfig ( when prompted )

At the end of it, I hope i should be be able to encapsulate the system disk ( dsk4 ) and boot off it without any problems.

After booting from the LSM volumes

To attach the mirror plex ( dsk8 )

volrootmir -a dsk8

But during the process of attaching dsk8 as a mirror should i remove it from LSM first ( Because the documentation says the disks chosen for mirroring should not be under LSM already ) ??

Can anybody guide me on this ?

Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM- Boot Disk Encapsulation


the procedure looks ok to me.
Do it in multi-user mode and if you worry that someone logs in create /etc/nologin
volrootmir should complain if the mirror disk is not in a state it can use.



Re: LSM- Boot Disk Encapsulation

Yeah, Thanks Michael, it went on fine...i just had to remove dsk8 from LSM control before mirroring the root disk volumes from dsk4 on to dsk8.