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Occasional Contributor



I'm here again now with the following problem. When I start my platform I'm having this problem:

# more hwagent-seb084-93.out
lsm:volprint: ERROR: IPC failure: Configuration daemon is not accessible

The point is that I executed these commands:
# voldisk list
lsm:voldisk: ERROR: IPC failure: Configuration daemon is not accessible

and this one:

seb084:/> ps -ef |grep voliod
root 3093 2930 0.0 11:43:01 pts/0 0:00.01 grep voliod

So I don't understand this message. But I think it'll be solved if I stop the daemon that is running... am I right?...And of course I need to know which file is...

Thks in adv.-
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM-


Looks like the 'vold' daemon is not running.

Check the output of 'voldctl mode'. If its not enabled, you can use 'voldctl enable' to enable it.

I presume that you already have atleast one disk partition put under LSM control.

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM-

Be sure you go through the troubleshooting section prior to post this problem here. Because IPC communication etc. depend on some LSM special devices and it would be wise to check the startup environment of lsm.

If the troubleshooting section within the admin guide leads to no solution be sure you have checked actual patchkits dealing with similar messages on 5.1A. But you gave us no detailed information so we can only "guess"....

Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: LSM-


What Tru64 version ?
Where you in single user or multiuser at that moment ?
vold is the configurqtion daemon, not voliod.
What do you get from "voldctl status"
and if not enabled, try "voldctl enable"
or lsmbstartup.
All the above supposes you have initialised LSM at least once in the life of your system via volinstal and/or volsetup.