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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Missing Patch???

Missing Patch???

OS: Tru64 5.1B
Cluster: NO

Hello all,
We have 3 Tru64 servers with identical hardware which I have taken over their administration a couple of months ago. We knew that servers were patched regularly in the past and it was so but one of the patches was not applied to one of the servers

OSFPAT00000052540 is the missing patch as listed in setld -i.

I checked the patch database but couldn't find a clue about it...

Can anyone tell me which Patch this is?

Thanks in advance,
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing Patch???

I know nothing, but a Google search for
seems to find a kit at:

There are some hints in that.
Martin Moore

Re: Missing Patch???

OSFPAT00000052540 isn't really a patch; it's version 52 of the patch tools used internally by dupatch. If you run dupatch from a patch kit, the patch tools subset will be installed or updated if necessary. Does dupatch work on that system now? If so, you don't have a problem.

If you'd really like to make them all consistent, then downloading the PK6 kit or any ERP for PK6, and then running dupatch from the untarred patch_kit subdirectory, should update the patch tools.

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Kapil Jha
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Re: Missing Patch???

what does
dupatch -track -type kit nolog
on all ther servers.

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Re: Missing Patch???

It says;
# dupatch -track -type kit nolog

* Previous session logs saved in session.log.[1-25]

- This dupatch session is logged in /var/adm/patch/log/session.log

Gathering details of relevant patches, this may take a bit of time

*** There are no patches installed on your system ***


And you may find a full output of patch list

# setld -i | grep Patch
OSFPAT00000047540 installed Patch Tools (- Required -)
OSFPAT00000048540 installed Patch Tools (- Required -)
OSFPAT00000052540 installed Patch Tools (- Required -)
OSFPAT02600100540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFACCT540 (System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02600200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFADVFS540 (SSRT2275) (Filesystem Patches)
OSFPAT02600300540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFADVFSBIN540 (Filesystem Patches)
OSFPAT02600700540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFATMBIN540 (Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02600900540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFBASE540 (SSRT3631 SSRT3469 SSRT2439 ...)(Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02601000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFBIN540 (SSRT4891 SSRT4743 SSRT4696 ...)(Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02601100540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFBINCOM540 (SSRT2275)(Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02601200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFC2SEC540 (Security Related Patches)
OSFPAT02601500540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFCDEDT540 (SSRT4721 SSRT2405)(Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches)
OSFPAT02601900540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFCDEMIN540 (SSRT3589)(Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches)
OSFPAT02602000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFCLINET540 (SSRT3653 SSRT2384 SSRT2275 ...)(Network Patches)
OSFPAT02602100540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFCMPLRS540 (SSRT2439 SSRT2384 SSRT2341 ...)(Software Development Environment Patches)
OSFPAT02602200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFDCMT540 (Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches)
OSFPAT02602300540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFDCMTEXT540 (Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches)
OSFPAT02602800540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFENVMON540 (System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02603100540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFEXER540 (System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02603400540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFHWBASE540 (I/O Device Handling Patches)
OSFPAT02603500540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFHWBIN540 (I/O Device Handling Patches)
OSFPAT02603600540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFHWBINCOM540 (Hardware Configuration Patches)
OSFPAT02603800540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFINCLUDE540 (Software Development Environment Patches)
OSFPAT02603900540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFINET540 (SSRT3653 SSRT2408 SSRT2368)(Network Patches)
OSFPAT02604500540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFKTOOLS540 (Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02605000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFLIBA540 (SSRT2275) (Library Patches)
OSFPAT02605200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFLSMBIN540 (Kernel Patches)
OSFPAT02605400540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFMANOP540 (Reference Page Patches)
OSFPAT02605500540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFMANOS540 (SSRT2275) (Reference Page Patches)
OSFPAT02606000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFNETCONF540 (SSRT3674)(Network Patches)
OSFPAT02606200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFNFS540 (Filesystem Patches)
OSFPAT02606800540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFPGMR540 (SSRT2275) (Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches)
OSFPAT02606900540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFPRINT540 (Printers Patches)
OSFPAT02607700540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFSERVICETOOLS540 (System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02607900540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFSYSMAN540 (SSRT1-42U SSRT1-41U SSRT1-40U)(System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02608000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFTCLBASE540 (Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches)
OSFPAT02608500540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFX11540 (SSRT4831 SSRT4802 SSRT4800 SSRT4721)(X11 Patches)
OSFPAT02608600540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFXADMIN540 (X11 Patches)
OSFPAT02610000540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFXSYSMAN540 (System Administration Patches)
OSFPAT02610200540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFCDSABASE540 (SSRT3518)(Security Related Patches)
OSFPAT02610600540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFIPSECBASE540 (SSRT3629A)(Security Related Patches)
OSFPAT02611300540 installed Patch: SP05 OSFSSHBASE540 (SSRT3588 SSRT2275)(Security Related Patches)
OSFPATC0114800540 installed Patch: Fix AdvFS hangs (QARs 98958, 99010)(Filesystem Patches)
OSFPATC0120200540 installed Patch: Fix for SSRT 4743, SSRT 4884(Security Related Patches)