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Monitoring individual processor performance form Tru64UNIX v4

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Monitoring individual processor performance form Tru64UNIX v4


Is it possible to monitor the individual processor usage in a multi processor environment with Tru64UNIX v4 using utilities provided in the standard operating system installation? I believe on other versions of UNIX there is a utility called cpustat.

John Manger
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Re: Monitoring individual processor performance form Tru64UNIX v4


sched_stat -u can show you the familiar user, system, wait, idle values on a per cpu basis. Other options give useful stuff about load balance and scheduling.

On more recent releases its part of the base o/s, but on older releases you'll need to run the copy that ships with sys_check, for example /usr/opt/SYSCHECK145/lbin/sched_stat.

Or, you could use collect. It can show agregated cpu stats, and the individual cpu usage. But it doesn't give the detail that sched_stat does.

Or, if you have the optional System V Environment package installed, you could use sar (it lives in /usr/opt/svr4/usr/bin/sar). Sar -P can report per cpu values as well as the usual agregate value.

John M
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