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Need some

Occasional Contributor

Need some

Hi Friends me pratheesh here ,new to this forum.Happy to join the big goup of tru64..

Anyone send me some basic system administration commands..

Hope u can expect lots of questions from me....


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Dave Bechtold
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Re: Need some

Hi Prathes,


For System Administration commands I'd reference the System Administration Guide for Tru64 UNIX. There are many other accomanying guides provided in the documentation set specific to the release of Tru64 UNIX you are working with.

The documentation sets are online and available off the WEB at the following address.

The System Admin. Guide is under the "Tru64 UNIX Operating System" link off the left menu - then click on the appropriate version, i.e. v5.1B, then select "system & network management documentation bookshelf".

Again, welcome!

Dave Bechtold

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Re: Need some

Hi Pratesh,

The best bet is the documentation CD that comes with the server/package.

I found using the search in conjunction with the master index invaluable...

This helps.. as it not only gives you the commands but takes you into the chapter that explains how it is used and the order in which related commands are executed...

eg. Instead of just making the temporary change how changes need to be made in the rconfig file etc..

Hope this was helpfull.