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On which filesystem is my disk mounted ?

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Joaquin Martinez_1
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On which filesystem is my disk mounted ?

Hello all. I have a requirement on where I need to find wether certain disks on my systems are being used. I know of one way to do this, and that's using df -h and using showfdmn on every domain until I find the disk I want to investigate, however, I have done this and the disks for which I searched, are not being used on any of the domains under df -h. Can I take that for granted ? For example, I have LUN 33, which is not listed under any of the domains on my system according to df -h (but according to disklabel -r the c partition has been formated for AdvFS), can I take that for granted and mount LUN 33 on a filesystem of my own ?

The idea is to see whether those disks are being used or not, allthough they have been formated for AdvFS.

Hope I have explained well, if not, please ask.

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: On which filesystem is my disk mounted ?

It's easy to identify the disks that belongs to a domain using:

ls /etc/fdmns/*

You can also have disks that are used only as swap, to identify the disks used as swap run:

swapon -s

If you have a disk that shows an ADVFS file system in a partition, and you don't see it in /etc/fdmns/*, you must consider:

- Is the disk local or is a storage disk, like SAN disk?
- If the disk is a storage disk, then you should try to identify which disk is in the storage and check the disk presentation, maybe you are seeing a disk that you should not.
- If the disk is a local disk, and is not used by any domain in /etc/fdmns/*, then you could try creating a directory for this disk and check if it contains data.
- If the system is a cluster, it could be a disk that is not used because the operating system is located on a shared storage after the cluster creation, but this normally occurs for other partitions that are not the "c" partition.
- Sometimes, disk labels are not correct.
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Joaquin Martinez_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: On which filesystem is my disk mounted ?

Ivan, once again, thanks!

listing /etc/fdmns/ is all I needed.

Thanks again, I am closing this thread.