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Optimizing Java code for faster performance on Tru64

Osama Ahmed

Optimizing Java code for faster performance on Tru64

Dear All,
I know it is not a proper forum to post such query , however I hope someone faced the problem before and can help.

We have a java process that acts as a listener and server to client requests.

The processes is working fine in terms of functionality however with a very slow response. I am looking for a tips and tricks to make the process respond faster. (switches, parameters,.....)

I will appreciate any pointer.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Optimizing Java code for faster performance on Tru64

Why don't you start by giving use a clue as to the performance oriented observations made today. Was any brains applied? Consultancy opinion? Developers involved?

All we know is 'very slow response'.
Is slow 100 millisecond, 1 second, or 10
Slow compared to what? benchmark? Other platform?
What makes you think it can go faster? Concrete data points or wishfull thinking?
Where does the data come from? Java itself is just an other language, it can not answer client request, it is fed with information froma database? Oracle? Flat files? or does create data through formulas (equation solving, prime number generation, whatever!?)

When it is working, wat resource are consumed? User mode CPU time in actual Java code? system services? Oracle? Waiting for disks?

Hope these questions help you to help us to help you :-).

Hein van den Heuvel
HvdH Performance Consulting
(specialzing in Tru64, Oracle, OpenVMS,...)