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Parameter task-max in version 4.0

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Marly Koto
Occasional Contributor

Parameter task-max in version 4.0

Hi!! I checked that in version 5.1B doesn't exist the task-mask parameter (that exist in version 4.0). I'd like to know if exist a similar parameter to version 5.1B.
Thanks in Advance.
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Parameter task-max in version 4.0

Here is a short list of parameters no longer used in 5.x:

Note also that in 5.x, all tuning parameters use underscores '_' rather than
dashes '-'.

message-buffer-size = 40960 No longer used/needed

num-of-sems = 200 No longer used/needed

task-max = 4117 No longer used/needed

proc )
aio-max-num = 512 No longer used/needed

vm-mapentries = 16384 Set internally to maximum value
(entry no longer needed)

vm-maxvas = 0x40000000000 now set with
max_per_proc_address_space in proc subsystem
vm-vpagemax = 0x20000000 Set internally to maximum value
(entry no longer needed)

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Joris Denayer
Respected Contributor

Re: Parameter task-max in version 4.0

The task_max parameter is not longer defined in /etc/sysconfigtab.
However, there are still some remnants in v5.1X
It's value is now derived from the value of nproc
task_max = nproc + 1 (1)
while nproc is derived from maxusers
nproc = 20 + 8 * maxusers (2)

Combining (1) and (2)gives
task_max = 21 + 8 * maxusers
In other words, increase maxusers in order to increase task_max.

You can find these equations in the manpage of sys_attrs_ipc.

BTW, you should read also sys_attrs_proc manpage for the behaviour of maxusers in v5.

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