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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Pb LSM mirroring


Pb LSM mirroring

i have a machine tru64 v4.0 with mirror lsm with boot disk .i have a disk failed
i execute next commands:

#volplex -o rm dis rootvol_01 swapvol_01 vol-rz0g-01
#voldg rmdisk rz0a rz0b rz0g
#voldisk rm rz0a rz0b rz0g
then a replace failed disk but when
disklabel -rw rz0 a have is message
disklabel: ioctl DIOCSDINFO: open partition would move or shrink

#voldisk list no see rz0 part

urgent please if ou have see this pb answer pls
Frequent Advisor

Re: Pb LSM mirroring


1) Make sure your disk rz0 is not a part of any domain. you can check up with /sbin/advfs/advscan rz0

2) Then first run disklabel -z rz0

3) Then you can write the label. If I am not wrong then you must want to create disk rz0 as bootable disk. You can give command as

disklabel -rw -t advfs rz0

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Pb LSM mirroring

While you most probably booted from partition rz0a, the V4.0 kernel will keep this partiton open as long as the system keeps running, since this is the root from which the system booted.

Solution : shutdown the system and boot from rz1 (>>> boot dka1)

___ Johan.