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Power supply monitoring

Olivier Masse
Honored Contributor

Power supply monitoring

This is a long shot but here it goes:


I'm trying to implement a power supply (and fan) monitoring script for a bunch of vintage DS25's that run Tru64 5.1B4. It will be executed remotely from Nagios so it needs to report the current status (i.e. good or bad) at the moment it is run.


I know for a fact that this platform is able to monitor this since an event is written in the kernel log when a power supply goes bad, but I'd rather not write a logfile or evm-based scrubber as this is not reliable for a passive monitoring script.


The only way I've found to do this is by running "sysconfig -q envmon" which should to the trick but this command ALWAYS returns a zero status for the power supplies, no matter their real state. I suspect it is the same for fans. I have not been able to find out if this is because this feature is not supported on the DS25, or if it's a bug within the envmon subsystem.


Anyone, by any chance, would have any suggestion? 



marlene lam
Frequent Visitor

Re: Power supply monitoring

Just curious, there is a related patch fix that may apply, this is extracted from





PROBLEM: (20165, QXCM1000411101, 1214857894-122 kernel) (PATCH ID: OSF540-2222)


The envmon subsystem on DS-25 and ES-45 platforms fails

to accurately disclose redundant power supply state.