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Query on disklabel

Regular Advisor

Query on disklabel


I need to know the definition on dynamic_geometry found in the flags on disklabel.

Does this dynamic_geometry contributes to disk I/O performance?

Thanks and Regards,
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Query on disklabel


I couldn't find a direct description.

But look at
man 4 disktab

This may give you an idea.


Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Query on disklabel

IMHO you should just forget about geometry and disks these days.

'Back in the old days' (10+ years ago) when disks were spinning really slow and seeking even slower there might have been a marginal potential gain by getting the timing 'just right'. That is giving the disk a chance to be ready for data coming in based on rotation speed and so on. But I challenge anyone to measure a difference based on these settings with a disk spinning at 10K rpm or more and transferring as 10MB/sec or more. Mind you, I'd love to to be proven wrong. Please show how it does make a difference and I'll start to use it (again)!

Furhtermore, just judging just by the titles of your other questions in this forum you are working with disks behind controllers (KZPAC, HSZ). There with caches and all getting involved any careful 'timing' or orderding of transfers will be lost.

Again, if anyone can prove me wrong, please educate me (with hard data!)