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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Read Tru64 UFS floppies on Windows

John Welsh_2
Regular Advisor

Read Tru64 UFS floppies on Windows

Whenever I do some Tru64 Admin support I like to capture critical files to a ufs mounted floppy and then keep this as a "before" and "after" record of work performed.
To save the files to my PeeCee I have to then mount the files on my DPW and FTP from Windoze to get the files for printing etc. ( very clumsy )
Does anyone know of a utility that runs on windoze that is able to read the Tru64 floppy and files ? ( Similar to the ODS2 program that
can mount a VMS floppy on Windoze).
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Read Tru64 UFS floppies on Windows

Have you considered using mtools to format
and populate the floppy with DOS- and
Windows-friendly data instead of trying to
deal with UFS on the other end?

I don't use it much, but I have built a
(modified) "Mtools version 3.9.10, dated
March 2nd, 2005" on my system, and I see some
older stuff in /usr/bin/mtools/.

I'd need to do some checking to make sure,
but I believe that my VMS mtools kit includes
the (few) Tru64-related changes I made.
(V5-compatible default device names may be
the only Tru64-related change.)

urtx# mdir --version
Mdir version 3.9.10, dated March 2nd, 2005
configured with the following options: disable-xdf disable-vold disable-new-vold
disable-debug enable-raw-term

urtx# mdir -s a:
Volume in drive A has no label
Volume Serial Number is 3D43-92D4
Directory for A:/

test 2006-02-21 3:05 test
1 file 0 bytes

Directory for A:/test

. 2006-02-21 3:05
.. 2006-02-21 3:05
a 2006-02-21 3:05 a
b 2006-02-21 3:05 b
test_top dat 13 2006-02-21 3:05 test_top.dat
5 files 13 bytes

Directory for A:/test/a

. 2006-02-21 3:05
.. 2006-02-21 3:05
aa dat 7 2006-02-21 3:05 aa.dat
3 files 7 bytes

Directory for A:/test/b

. 2006-02-21 3:05
.. 2006-02-21 3:05
bb dat 7 2006-02-21 3:05 bb.dat
3 files 7 bytes

Total files listed:
12 files 27 bytes
1 454 592 bytes free


Seems to work.
John Welsh_2
Regular Advisor

Re: Read Tru64 UFS floppies on Windows

Thanks Steven for the super quick reply.

Customers don't like you adding software to their qualified and tested operating systems so I would prefer go with reading the ufs floppy on windows.

Thanks for reminding me of mtools. I will use that whenever the customer already has it installed.

What I normally do for instance to log various config info is something like:

#mount /dev/disk/floppy0c /mnt
#hwmgr -v d > /mnt/hmgr-vd
#df -k > /mnt/df-k
#disklabel -r dsk0 > /mnt/dsk0.label
#cp /etc/fstab /mnt/fstab etc etc etc.

Then I can take the floppy offsite.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Read Tru64 UFS floppies on Windows

> I will use that whenever the customer
> already has it installed.

The stuff in /usr/bin/mtools on my system
certainly came with the OS, although I don't
know how optional it might be. It also
appears to be pretty old and pathetic, as no
one seems to understand "--version", and, for
example, "mdir -s" is also a mystery:

urtx# /usr/bin/mtools/mdir -s a:
Usage: mdir: [-w] dosdirectory
mdir: [-w] dosfile [dosfiles...]

And piping anything in is probably hopeless,
(but what do I know?).


No bets on what any of this stuff does with
LF-only line endings in yout text files,