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Restoring Advanced Security files

Steve Lamont_1
Occasional Advisor

Restoring Advanced Security files

I am in the precess of a DR test, the hardware given to us by the DR Hardware supplier is slightly different than the production server (SD20e) in that the disk array supplied is a HSZ80 and the production server has another array attached (not a HSZ). an actual recovery 2 months ago tested the btcreate tape on a failed root disk sucessfully.
On trying the btcreate tape on the supplied hardware If found the cloneing issue of needs to be like for like hardware.

I then booted from cdrom created the disklabel fro the root, var, usr and created the advfs files systems then mounted them on /mnt.

restored the root, var, usr from vdump tape. rebooted. since the vdump data did not have any of the required drivers/devices for the HSZ80 the disks on the HSZ80 were not seen.

Third attempt.
installed the OS from cdrom, created the remaining 20 advfs filesystems and restored the data.

what I now need to know is, what files do i need to restore for the advanced security so that the users can login and test the DR
I have restored the following from the vdump tape:


but I can't login now as any user (thankfully I still have a couple of root sessions connected)

Any help will gratefully be rewarded

Thanks Steve
Steve Lamont_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Restoring Advanced Security files

I have looked at the documentation and restored the

files and run authck -pv with no errors
but if i try to login as a user the system refused the login and if I attempt to change the root password i get a error.

Password not changed: failed to write protected password entry.

cheers Steve

Steve Lamont_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Restoring Advanced Security files

found the solution. after much digging around

resart the password authentication database deamon

/sbin/init.d/prpasswd stop
/sbin/init.d/prpasswd start

I am now able to change the root password and other user can now login (after restoring the lmf database files for the licensing )

thanks anyway I think i deserve to give my self at least 10 point for that.