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SCSI interface and Drives

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Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

SCSI interface and Drives

reconfigured the hardware in the ES45 such that the dual SCSI interface (shipped) that interfaces with the Disk drives was replaced with a single SCSI interface card. This was done so that another (dual) SCSI card could be added to accommodate additional hardware. The intent is to perform a full install of OS 5.1b. The process was begun, but ended up with an error:

" cant open or read file /etc/dfsi.dat" and the installation aborts.

Any ideas about what I need to do to get this new SCSI - disk drive connection to work "as its been reconfigured"?

Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: SCSI interface and Drives

1) Do You see Your disks in SRM console?
(99% is YES, but...)
2) Did You labeled or re-partitioned your disks at the beginning of installation?
Can You try to do it?
3) Faulty OS istall cdrom?
Could You try to read Your installation CD on another Alpha, or boot from the CD, go to shell prompt and try to read the file /etc/dfsi.dat?
The fire follows shedule...
Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI interface and Drives


I do see the drives, using show config and show device. I am trying to repartition the drives and I also labelled each (4). I had another install CD and tried it, but got the same error.

Here's the exact msg:

Restoring saved hardware config data ...done
dsfmgr:ERROR: cant open and read file /etc/dfsl.dat
Bad status file data/format
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI interface and Drives

Since you're doing a full install you might try clearing the console "bootdef_dev" variable so that the installation process doesn't try and re-use the old configuration.
Alice Daniel
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI interface and Drives

Thanks Mark!

Setting that env variable did the trick! I was able to complete my installation and am currently at the patch install step. Again thank you so much for your timely response and knowledge concerning my problem.