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Security Shell Script


Security Shell Script

Hello, I am trying to write a shell script that will take a checklist of security settings that we have to apply to all new systems and automate most, if not all, of the configuration. After playing with the sysman -cli command, I've found that I can set several of the items in our checklist via that command. However, a few steps in the checklist have us opening dxaccounts and modifying a few parameters in the global template. Does anyone know of a way to manipulate the values of the global template via the command line? I've tried playing around with sysman -cli -comp account_management but I can't really find anything I can do with this command. rcmgr, maybe?

Ann Majeske
Honored Contributor

Re: Security Shell Script

If you have Enhanced Security enabled, you can use edauth, see "man edauth"

If you are running Base security, you can probably use usermod, see "man usermod".