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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Single User Boot Problem

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Frequent Advisor

Single User Boot Problem

Hi All,

I have this problem with a customized profile file ( attached ).

With this profile file in place, I am not able to boot in single user mode ( with a boot -fl s ).

Can anybody please point me to what is going around with the profile file that is stopping me from booting in single user mode.

And also, if there is a way to tweak the present profile file to be able to boot in multiuser mode normally and single user mode when required ( boot -fl s ).

Thanks for your responses.

Peter Leddy_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Single User Boot Problem

Hi Srivathsan,

This file does not have any impact on booting to single user mode.

Are you getting an error when you enter "boot -fl s"? What is the error?

Erich Wimmer
Valued Contributor

Re: Single User Boot Problem

If you are in single user mode, only the root filesystem is mounted read only. If your scripts are accessing some files not located in the root filesystem it fails.
And if you execute "exit" if something failes, the shell which will be spawned in single user mode ends and you are going to mulit user mode or whatever you have configured in /etc/inittab.
Please add "set -x" at the beginning of /etc/profile and boot with "boot -fl s" to see what is going on.