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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Test cases for Tru64

manuj kumar
Frequent Advisor

Test cases for Tru64

Hi All,
I have Tru64 5.1B installed on ES45 and connected to MA8000 storage..

My customer requires to develop Hardware and OS Test cases...for the user Acceptance test (UAT)...

Any one can help...with test cases for tru64 and Es45 and MA8000 storage...?
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: Test cases for Tru64

I am so amazed to see still some tru64 servr are being commissioned :)

Regarding test cases what you customer needs

from hardware point of view i think you can
1) remove one harddisk insert again
2) check connectivity from storage
3)Check the LED
4)Check hardware from hwmgr
5)CHeck for LAN port plug out plug in.

For OS point
1)Boot disk redundancy.
2)Collect the logs and check them for abnormality.
3)Stop LAN from s/w ans start.

I am in this small bowl, I wane see the real world......

Re: Test cases for Tru64

Best is Q-VET or vet test for sw and hw:

If ES45 and MA8k hold on full load test during 4-6 hours, they will be run for long time. Otherwise you could fing near_the_fail module.
One problem above vet software and it's installation will change OS settings. You need copy of current OS or fresh dirive for installation Tru64 and Q-VET.