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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 4.0F class_scheduler

Tru64 4.0F class_scheduler

I am a new sys. admin and have adopted several versions of TRU64 from the previous administrator who has moved to another state.

I have two machines that are clustered together and also have oracle running on them. The problem is that when a process is exited ungracefully the process remains in the class_scheduler and using a 'ps aux' shows the process in 'U' state. I cannot remove it using kill -9. Is there a way I can clean this up?

Also, I was told that there is a patch for this problem. It is in patch kit 8 and it appears that the patch is OSFPAT000209440. I did a setld -i and this showed that OSFPAT000209440 is 'installed' and yet we still have the problem of the processes that won't go away. Is there something that must be done to 'activate' this part of the fix? Or is there a different patch for this problem.

I know that upgrading to v5.1 will get rid of this problem but that is not an option at this time as the software on the system would have to be rewritten.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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Re: Tru64 4.0F class_scheduler

Try this to kill your process.
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Re: Tru64 4.0F class_scheduler

Thank you to everyone that replied. Unfortunately there was not a viable work around for the problem. Working with HP I was able to attain the required patch.