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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 + HP OpenView

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François Brugère
Frequent Advisor

Tru64 + HP OpenView

Hello All,

Is it true that if I want to run the HP Ovo agent under Tru64 server I need to order the DCE compoent provided by Entigrity ?

Thanks by advance. Francois.
Peter Leddy_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Tru64 + HP OpenView


According to this document OVO supports DCE that comes on the Tru64 cd's - see page 15

Hope this helps.

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 + HP OpenView

Below Runtime kits are not on any CD distributed with the Tru64 V5.x OS, so you will have to get them from somewhere else.
See this link for further info

Table 1-1 DCE Runtime Kit Requirements

DCE Runtime Kit Tru64 UNIX system OS version

DCERTS 310 DCE Runtime Services V3.1 single system only V4.0D, V4.0E, V4.0F
DCERTS 320 DCE Runtime Services V3.2 single system only V4.0G

DCERTS 400 DCE Runtime Services V4.0 single system only V5.0, V5.0A
DCERTS 410 DCE Runtime Services V4.1 TruCluster or single system V5.1
DCERTS 420 DCE Runtime Services V4.2 TruCluster or single system V5.1A
DCERTS 430 DCE Runtime Services V4.3 TruCluster or single sustem V5.1B