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Tru64 Upgrade path


Tru64 Upgrade path


I need to have a copy of the documented Tru64 Unix upgrade path leading up to v5.1B.

Can anyone help. Thank you in advance.
Mic V.
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Re: Tru64 Upgrade path

Johan Brusche
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Re: Tru64 Upgrade path

The installation guide of each version always tells you from which version you can upgrade to that version. In the past you had to go through several installation guides to compose your final upgrade path.
In the V5.1B installation guide however there is an overview table starting at V4.0

See paragraph 2.3/table 2-1 in below manual ref for that overview:

Keep in mind that for TruCluster rolling upgrades, you cannot skip versions. E.g you cannot jump fron TCR V5.1 to V5.1B, you must
take the intermediate V5.1A step.

Have fun,


Re: Tru64 Upgrade path

And please .. please .. avoid to go via 5.0a, then rather go 4.0g to 5.1

regards Martin
From HP world session on patches and upgrades:
4.0F to 5.0A upgrade is problematical
Avoid if possible by choosing a different path: e.g., 4.0F to 4.0G to 5.1 to 5.1B instead of 4.0F to 5.0A to 5.1A to 5.1B
If root directory is mirrored via LSM, consider unencapsulating it during upgrade
One less layer of complexity
Former mirror plex is a snapshot of pre-upgrade root