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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Tru64 backup

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Tru64 backup

Iam new to the unix world and I would like to know what are the common sys files that should be backed up and is there any place to get some sample backup scripts. I am new to writing scripts as well. Any info would be helpful.
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Re: Tru64 backup

Hi Dennis

welcome to unix world. most of the unix flavours offer their own backup tool ( AIX - mksysb, hp-ux - fbackup).Tru64 doesn't have any such tool. But all the unix comes with basic backup tools such as tar,cpio,dd.

For tru64 normally i use all these tools depending on the type of backup i needed.

you can see the description using man pages.

#man tar cpio dd will describe you
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Ralf Puchner
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Re: Tru64 backup

Have a look into the admin guide explaining how and what should be backed up.

If you do not have the manuals in paper, have a look onto the documentation cd delivered with the OS.
Help() { FirstReadManual(urgently); Go_to_it;; }
Roberto Polli
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Re: Tru64 backup

Welcome in the 'he-man' world of sysadmins ;-)

To begin unix system administration I think the best way is to read Redhat manuals: with a linuxbox at home you can test and learn without destroing your work-machines.

So, take an eveing for yourself and look in the following:

for the Adminsitration Primier

then you can specialize yourself on tru64.Peace, R
Mohamed K Ahmed
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Re: Tru64 backup

A simple solution for backups would be the vdump command. I use it on all my boxes and it is working fine.
Look at the man pages for vdump and vrestore.
A sample would be like this

# vdump -0 -u -f tape_drive mount_point

ex: vdump -0 -u -f /dev/ntape/tape0c /usr

what version are you running?

Victor Semaska
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Re: Tru64 backup

Assuming you're running Tru64 V5.x, look at the manpage for 'tape' to learn how to specify the tape device name.

In V5.x remember the follwing:

/dev/tape/ causes the tape to rewind after the operation is completed.

/dev/ntape/ prevents the tape tape from rewinding.

If you want several backups on one tape always use the 2nd format. For example:

# /sbin/vdump -0f /dev/ntape/tape0c /
# /sbin/vdump -0f /dev/ntape/tape0c /usr
# /sbin/mt -f /dev/ntape/tape0c offline

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Re: Tru64 backup

I think instead of trying to decide at this stage, you should probably start of with using the "vdump" command for your backups.
The syntax of this is already mentioned by our friends here.

May be at a later stage you can look at what needs to be in and what doesn't need to be in etc....

The best bet is to just vdump do the trick

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Re: Tru64 backup

Hi there,

actually, Tru64 has it's build-in OS backup "tools".

universal ones: dd, cpio, tar, etc.

advfs : vdump/vrestore, rvdump/rvrestore

or tape backup: # man btcreate