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Two array have disappear in a DEC/COMPAQ/HP PM3755U2B

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Two array have disappear in a DEC/COMPAQ/HP PM3755U2B

I have an ES45 Alkpha server running tru64 5.1B-3.
The disk for this system came or are presented from a DEC/COMPAQ/HP PM3755U2B.

There were four array in this controller.
This array card have two channel .
The internal cage of the alphaserver is connected to one channel of the array this array card controller.

The channel B had two array, a raid5 and a raid 1.
The external raid array have disappear, like the disk never have been configured.The status for the disk say no configured.

My question is
Is possible that somebody have deleted the array from the operating system?

To configure the array is necessary to run the following command from the P0>>> run bios pza0
and after do a CTRL-D to gain access to the configuration.

Some idea why were lose two array and not all the arrays?