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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets

Hemesh Dogiparthi
Occasional Contributor

Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets

I am pretty new to Tru64 environment. Recently i installed Tru64 5.1B and PK4 on ES45 server. I was going thru the required patches for installing oracle 10g. Two required subsets OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR were missing.

I am unable to find these two subsets anywhere.

Can anyone help me.

Thanks in advance

Patches installed on the system:
(depending upon the number of patches you installed, this may take awhile)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches:
Patch 25022.00 - SP04 OSFDCMT540
Patch 25080.00 - SP04 OSFTCLBASE540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches:
Patch 25015.00 - SP04 OSFCDEDT540 (SSRT4721 SSRT2405)
Patch 25016.00 - SP04 OSFCDEMAIL540
Patch 25019.00 - SP04 OSFCDEMIN540 (SSRT3589)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Filesystem Patches:
Patch 25002.00 - SP04 OSFADVFS540 (SSRT2275)
Patch 25003.00 - SP04 OSFADVFSBIN540
Patch 25062.00 - SP04 OSFNFS540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Hardware Configuration Patches:
Patch 25036.00 - SP04 OSFHWBINCOM540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / I/O Device Handling Patches:
Patch 25034.00 - SP04 OSFHWBASE540
Patch 25035.00 - SP04 OSFHWBIN540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Kernel Patches:
Patch 25007.00 - SP04 OSFATMBIN540
Patch 25009.00 - SP04 OSFBASE540 (SSRT3631 SSRT3469 SSRT2439 ...)
Patch 25010.00 - SP04 OSFBIN540 (SSRT2323 SSRT2275 SSRT2266)
Patch 25011.00 - SP04 OSFBINCOM540 (SSRT2275)
Patch 25052.00 - SP04 OSFLSMBIN540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Network Patches:
Patch 25020.00 - SP04 OSFCLINET540 (SSRT3653 SSRT2384 SSRT2275 ...)
Patch 25060.00 - SP04 OSFNETCONF540 (SSRT3674)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Printers Patches:
Patch 25069.00 - SP04 OSFPRINT540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Reference Page Patches:
Patch 25054.00 - SP04 OSFMANOP540
Patch 25055.00 - SP04 OSFMANOS540 (SSRT2275)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Security Related Patches:
Patch 25113.00 - SP04 OSFSSHBASE540 (SSRT3588 SSRT2275)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Software Development Environment Patches:
Patch 25021.00 - SP04 OSFCMPLRS540 (SSRT2439 SSRT2384 SSRT2341 ...)

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / System Administration Patches:
Patch 25077.00 - SP04 OSFSERVICETOOLS540
Patch 25079.00 - SP04 OSFSYSMAN540 (SSRT1-42U SSRT1-41U SSRT1-40U)
Patch 25100.00 - SP04 OSFXSYSMAN540

- Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / X11 Patches:
Patch 25075.00 - SP04 OSFSER540
Patch 25085.00 - SP04 OSFX11540 (SSRT4721)
Patch 25086.00 - SP04 OSFXADMIN540
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets

It will be in the Base OS CD. They both belong to the "Software Development" kit.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets


OSFPGMR refers to the performance manager.
OSFLIBA refers to static libraries.
Did you include all software in the installation?


Hemesh Dogiparthi
Occasional Contributor

Re: Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets

After seeing the reply from venkatesh, i went back and installed the subsets from the base OS cd and applied the patches from pk4. Worked fine.

I have another question though,

how to enable cde. I disabled it accidently.

Thanks for the reply.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets


you may try with /sbin/init.d/xlogin start
What did you mean by disable? Hopefully not rm *


Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to find OSFLIBA and OSFPGMR subsets


Hemesh was referring to OSFPGMR (not OSFPMGR).


I think you are running xdm now. You can switch to cde by using 'xsetup'