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Unable to start kloadsrv

Satish Y
Trusted Contributor

Unable to start kloadsrv

Hi Experts,

We are currently facing problem with starting kloadsrv.

Actually problem started with MWA, it's not running after recent upgrade of OS from 5.1A to 5.1B.
We are unable to start scopeux and after analysis we found that it's because of kloadsrv not running and MWA is not able to read the kernel datastructure as a result unable to start scopeux.

I tried to start kloadsrv using following commands:

# /sbin/kloadsrv -k
# /sbin/kloadsrv -d 5 -log /tmp/kloadsrv.log

It failed to start kloadsrv and records error "kloadsrv: kernel load server already running" in /tmp/kloadsrv.log

But, no kloadsrv is running on my system currently?

Pls advise how to overcome this situation and start kloadsrv?

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Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to start kloadsrv

What does 'kloadsrv -q' show?

Also what is the output of "/usr/sbin/sizer -b"