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*** WARNING: Transport system not initialized.

*** WARNING: Transport system not initialized.

I have had a Disk hardware issue, Drive was rebuilded successfully. I have rebooted the system, then when I started My SAP Aplication I get this warning message, I heve reviewed my log and get below message:
(3012) Waiting for Child Processes to terminate.
(3012) **** 2008/12/04 19:47:31 Child 3025 terminated with Status 1 . ****
(3012) **** 2008/12/04 19:52:14 Child 3024 terminated with Status 0 . ****
And, when I try to activate my frontend I get:

Error i logon balancing routine.

Pleaseeeeeeeeee Helpmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: *** WARNING: Transport system not initialized.

How did you fix the similar problem before?


I know nothing about SAP, but I gather (from
a Google search) that "my frontend" involves
some SAP-specific software on a Windows
system. (The same search found a SAP forum
with some potentially useful content.)