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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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Xerrors in dtlogin

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Xerrors in dtlogin

We are having a alph XP1000 workstation with powerstorm 300 graphics card, running with tru64 version 5.1. We are using these workstations for graphical applications.
The problem we are facing is these workstation will terminate the Xsession automatically after 50 day of continuous use.
The errors logged in /var/dt/Xerrors will be as follows. And this problem is there from the starting. As per my observation this problem occurs between 49 to 118 days duratins. Please help me to solve this problem.


"Out of memory"
"failed to allocate stipple bitmap"
terminating the Xsession.

This problem is not coming in the systems which is not working on graphical applications.
We have serched for the patch for this problem but for no avail.
Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Xerrors in dtlogin

5.1 is no more supported, please update to a supported version like 5.1a or 5.1b. There is a problem leading to termination of network connection if reaching 96 days of uptime. There is a fix available for the supported os versions.

The "out of memory" message indicates a resource problem of the application. There are limited resources within the X11 system. A release of a handle does not lead to a release of the memory - this is a X11 concept issue. Be sure your application reuses defined resources and the X11 system is restarted every time a user logs out. Be sure the X11 system is started with -terminate option leading to restart and release of the allocated memory - without it the X11 system will never release any memory allocated!
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