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adding disk to volume using lsm

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adding disk to volume using lsm

I have an existing volume, vol1. This volume is made up of a pair of mirrored disk. Now i am planning to add another pair of mirrored disk to this volume? How do i do this and can i do it online?
Server : DS20
OS version : 4.0F

Re: adding disk to volume using lsm


If vol1 is apart of a AdvFS filedomain the easiest way would be to create a new mirrored LSM volume with the new disks and then add the new LSM volume into the AdvFS filedomain using the addvol command.

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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: adding disk to volume using lsm

a second approach is:

Some of the steps required to increase the partition size of / (root) under LSM / ADVFS

1. Backup the entire system
Eg. Using vdump -0f /dev/rmt0h /

2. Unmirror the root disk (rz9 & rz10)
# volplex -o rm dis rootvol-02
# volplex -o rm dis swapvol-02
# volplex -o rm dis vol-rz9g-02

3. Unencapsulate the all the partitions in the root disk.

# /usr/sbin/volunroot -a

4. Take a Backup of the root & usr filesystem
using vdump

5. Boot from Operating System Distribution CDROM
>>> boot -fl s

6. change the partition size on the root disk

using disklabel -e

7. Restore from Backup (step 4)

8. Encapsulate the entire system disk

# /usr/sbin/volencap rz9

9. Mirror the encapsulated hard disk

# volrootmir -a rz9
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Re: adding disk to volume using lsm

I am planning to add to non-root volume.
Joris Denayer
Respected Contributor

Re: adding disk to volume using lsm

If I understand your question correctly, you want to create a kind of concatenation of mirrors. Well, this is not possible with LSM.
Moreover, in v4.0F, when the size of a LSM-volume is increased, AdvFS or UFS wil not be able to take advantage of these new blocks. You will have to recreate the filedomain.
Therefore, I think that the approach of Martin is the way to go. So, create a second volume (mirror) and add it with the addvol command.
The addvol command works only if you installed the license for the AdvFS advanced File System Utilities.

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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: adding disk to volume using lsm

you can use the same method as described in my posting, except not using volrootmir!

1) Completely back up the file system using dump.

2) Issue the volassist or volume command to grow the LSM volume.

3) Remake the file system.

4) remount filesystem and restore backup
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