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cpu upgrade

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Honored Contributor

cpu upgrade

I have a ES40 server ( with motherboard 54-25385-01 E07) having 4 cpus of 500MHz and 4 Mb cache.
I want to upgrade the cpus to 833 MHz and 8 Mb cache. what all do i need to do ? how od i carry out the upgrade , i mean the steps to be followed. I have a running system on the ES40 so how will it affect the system - like do i need to rebuild the kernel , do i need to upgrade firmware , do i need to make any other configuration changes or everything will perfectly fine after just installing the cpus ?

I have another ES40 with 2 cpus - 833 MHz and 8 Mb cache. So before actually ordering new cpus for upgrade I want to take a trial by shifting the 833 MHz cpus to the ES40 with 500 MHz by replacing the cpus. is it possible ?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Roberto Polli
Trusted Contributor

Re: cpu upgrade

About that I suggest to contaqct your HP vendor. I don't know if you have to rebuild your kernel but you'd better do it because you may want to raise some parameters in /etc/sysconfigtab .
Probably you need some firmware upgrade but I left to someone more skilled the answer.

Peace, R.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: cpu upgrade

I am not sure if you are trying to accomplish this task on your production hosts or test hosts. In the case of later, i would suggest that you shutdown the system before power down and then replace the boards and perform an init on each of the cpus and then start the server up. Once the server is up, i would suggest that you use tools like autogen that help you to tune some system parameters.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: cpu upgrade

It will be critical to know the version of Tru64 that you are running. You'll need 4.0F or better best I know.
Check out:

Check out firmware. Form the above document:

"EV6 500-MHz CPU upgrade to EV68 833-MHz CPU
- Upgrade console firmware to V5.9-24 as minimum revision
- Upgrade system hardware with EV68 CPUs
- Re-install V5.9-24 console firmware
- Ensure all system firmware matches console version V5.9-24

With the right OS version and Firmware in place, just boot. But really, why not boot genvmunix and doconfig 'just to be sure?!'