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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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does not auto-reboot

Occasional Contributor

does not auto-reboot

Our system(OSF1 5.1a) does not auto-boot when I enter the "shutdown -r now".

That system is displayed >>> prompt.
How can I do?

Let me know.

Evert Jan van Ramselaar
Valued Contributor

Re: does not auto-reboot

You might want to look at the consvar command.

'consvar -l' shows the current settings. You have to change the auto_action setting.

See 'man consvar'.

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Alexey Borchev
Regular Advisor

Re: does not auto-reboot

This >>> prompt is SRM console.

At this prompt try
>>> show auto_action
>>> set auto_action boot

By the way, SRM has lots of useful functionality. Try
>>> help
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Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: does not auto-reboot

you must also set the boot device. Please post the output of the

>>> show *


# /sbin/consvar -l

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Occasional Visitor

Re: does not auto-reboot

When logged to unix do:
consvar -g auto_action
Assume you get:
auto_action = HALT

Then set it to boot:
consvar -s auto_action boot

and apply the change by:
consvar -a