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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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how to unmount the root

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how to unmount the root

I have True 64 and will like to extend the root partition. What do i do.Do have to unmount root partition single user mode.
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: how to unmount the root

You won't be able to extend the root partition. Your only choise is to take a backup, destroy the partition, recreate the partition, recreate the file system, restore your backup. You must do this accessing the unix shell after booting the installation cd rom.
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Ann Majeske
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Re: how to unmount the root

I asked a couple of our filesystems gurus.

According to our documentation you can increase the size of the root partition. The procedure is different for UFS and AdvFS filesystems. In each case (with or without LSM) the procedure is to first increase the available storage space.

For UFS, see the documentation in the mount(8) manpage and the extendfs(8) manpage.

For AdvFS, see the AdvFS Administration Guide, section and section

I was assured that the UFS procedure in the manpages is good, but I didn't find anyone who had actually done this for AdvFS. I would definitely make sure I had good backups before trying something like this!