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image backup ..

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image backup ..

Hi ,

i am new to this TRU64 environment. my problem is i have DS20E server which is loaded in TRU64 4.0F .The total system disk space is 18GB.i have another 9Gb disk. Is it possibe to take a iamge backup form this 18gb to 9gb.

And also how to verify the used space of the system disk ..?

if the 18Gb disk used space is less than 9Gb , how can i take the whole system disk backup into this 9gb (like a image backup)..?
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: image backup ..

In my case, image backup of a tru64 box is done by running vdump for each mounted file system.

You can see the space used by every file system by running:

df -k

If the sum (in KB) of all file systems reported are less than 9 GB, then you will be able to do the backup.
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Re: image backup ..

Thanks ivan .. thanks for ur suggestions ..