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install devices tru64

Eduardo Andrade
Occasional Advisor

install devices tru64

Hi i don´t have experience in tru64 only hpux.
Im trying configure external tape on ES40 V5.1 (Rev. 732).
Im execute next.
hwmgr -view devices
hwmgr -show scsi
hwmgr -scan comp
But the tape don´t show , atach the output
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: install devices tru64

Try this:
First see current configuration:
# hwmgr -show scsi
Than rescan the bus:
# hwmgr -scan scsi
If everything was OK, you would see tape with:
# hwmgr -show scsi
Tape devices are:
/dev/tape/tape0 (and additional) - rewindable tape
/dev/ntape/tape0 (and additional) - nonrewind tape
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
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Re: install devices tru64

#hwmgr -scan scsi
will only initiate the scan on the scsi bus.
It might take a while of there are large number of new devices connected to the system.

So be patient while Tru64 discovers new devices.

Hope this helps.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: install devices tru64

IF you cannot find the device after hwmgr scan scsi, you need to ensure that is properly connected. Maybe you will need to shutdown the server and check if you see the device at console level:

>>>show dev

You should see some MK* device.

Is this tape connected to an existend scsi adapter or a new installed scsi adapter? If is a new, you may need to recompile the kernel to add the scsi adapter to your kernel.

Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Eduardo Andrade
Occasional Advisor

Re: install devices tru64

This is the result
# hwmgr -show scsi

71: 1 supersoc cdrom none 0 1 cdrom0 [2/0/0]
72: 0 supersoc tape none 0 1 (null)
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: install devices tru64

I think that Ivan is right.
Before that you can see what SCSI devices are connected to bus with:
# scu show edt
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
Joris Denayer
Respected Contributor

Re: install devices tru64

Hi Edouardo,

The normal way to add devices is by using the command #hwmgr -scan scsi.
This command will scan all scsi and fiberchannel busses. Not yet discovered devices will get a new device filename.
You can than check for the new entries with
# hwmgr -view devices or
# hwmgr -show scsi

The scu (Scsi Cam Utility) command gives also the possibility to show the connected devices. However, it will not create the devicefiles.
You can give following commands
# scu scan edt
# scu show edt

Building a new kernel, is only necessary if you add a new adapter type that was not yet installed before.
In Tru64 UNIX V5, you must NOT build a new kernel, when you move an adapter to another slot. You must also NOT build a new kernel when you add an additional adaptertype of which another type is already installed.

fi: Suppose that you have a system with a KZPBA SCSI adapter
- If you add a second KZPBA, NO kernel build needed.
- If you add another type of SCSI adapter (fi: a KZPSA) then you must reboot from genvmunix and build a new kernel

Hope that this helps

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