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kern.log messages!

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kern.log messages!

Aug 6 04:25:37 yj8202 vmunix: KZPSA adapter misc error, asr=0x10, afar=0x0, afp
Aug 6 04:25:37 yj8202 vmunix: pzaintr: KZPSA adapter misc error, asr=0x10, afar
=0x0, afpr=0x5e0508
Aug 6 04:25:37 yj8202 vmunix:
Aug 6 04:25:37 yj8202 vmunix: pza_read_log_regs: KZPSA log regs: 1 0x109907, 2
0x11, 3 0xffffffff, 4 0xffffffff, 5 0x0, 6 0x0, 7 0x0, 8 0x0, 9 0x0, a 0x0
Aug 6 04:25:37 yj8202 vmunix:

what's wrong with our system

Dec8200 Digital Unix 4.0D

DiskArray :HSZ70

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: kern.log messages!

Well... it sure sounds like a KZPSA has gone bad.

Did anything change recently which might have triggered this? Power problems recently?

While at console check around with 'show config' and maybe run a test.

Is your KZPSA firmware up to date?

Which IO module plugged into the system backplane?
The 'multi-purpose' KFTIA or PCI only KFTHA?
Is it still properly connected/seated?
pop out and push back? Jiggle cables and retighten as needed?

If this was my system then I would first doublecheck the scsi cabling. Anyting changed? Properly terminated and Y cables/trilinks still properly attached?
It should not take down the adapter, but it is the easiest to check.

Are there other error on the systems, poiting

Next, if that does not fix it, then 'reseat' the adapter. Slide out the PCI cage, open side, pop adapter, push back, try again.

Finally, grab a spare adapter and replace the suspect one.