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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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lpr.log Tru64

Narendra Mistry
Occasional Visitor

lpr.log Tru64


I am seeing errors in the lpr.log files on a Tru64 box (note I have only just looked at this issue and server it may have been ocurring for sometime).

The errors observed are:

Feb 9 11:42:48 server lpd[145050]: WARNING -- PrepareFilter: cannot open file errsmpJiAO, printer hp5si2, error Permission denied

Feb 9 11:42:48 server lpd[1114]: ERROR -- hp5si2: reprint error for

Feb 9 11:42:56 server lpd[145067]: WARNING -- PrepareFilter: cannot open file errsVSspkG, printer hp5m, error Permission denied

Any help would be greatly appreciated on understanding and resolving the issue - note this is my first post on HP Forums.

Kind regards,

John Manger
Valued Contributor

Re: lpr.log Tru64


The PrepareFilter message is coming from lpd when it forks to process the request. The 'cannot open' suggests that either lpd is not running as root, or has lost its setuid permission (maybe), or the spooled file has the wrong permissions, or perhaps the spool directory(ies) has the wrong ownership or permissions.

Or, (less likely) perhaps you might be hitting a system limit - qty of processes or threads, file size, or even the spool area is on a full disk ?

Check the other logs (kernel, daemon, messages) and/or evm for clues.

Finally, take a look at this itrc entry from 2004 - it seems to be describing the same problem :

John M

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