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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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make a file system

Occasional Contributor

make a file system

hi, I've a server with OS Tru64 UNIX (4.0E)
I don't know how to see if I've got free space to create a fyle system.
How can I create a new filesystem?

can you help me?

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: make a file system

Well, first you'd want to roughly understand how your file systems are organized, and how your disks are organized

- Is there a Logical Volume Manager involved?
- UFS / AdvFS ?
- Direct connect storage, or controller attached virtual.

A few basic steps could be;

run syscheck!


file /dev/rr*a ---> candidate disks.

df ---> see what's in use, which domain has room for more fsets (AdvFS)

ls /etc/fdmns/*/* ---> see what's in use AdvFS

cat /etc/fstab ---> see what's in use (UFS)

if it is controller based storage (HSZ?) then you'll have to talk to the controller to see whether all space is handed out already or not.

For further help, please describe your environment best you can.

Hope this helps some,
Occasional Contributor

Re: make a file system

thanks for your help