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margin setting

Mushtaq Ahmed
Occasional Advisor

margin setting

HI all,
I have attached HP4000N printer with Alpha DS20 Server running Tru64 Unix 4.0F. Printer is working and i am getting all the prints from unix. I have a problem of margin setting. How can we change the margin of a print.
Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: margin setting


I may need more information to help with this question/issue. Much of this depends if you are using lpd printing or APS (Advanced Printing Software). Also, margins can be set for the top, left, right, and or bottom of the page. Specific to lpd printing margins can be set using the -i (indent) argument to lpr used with a text filter (if) in printcap, or handled by print filters (of) field in printcap. I'm aware that when using lpd printing with an HP4000 printer you may need to use the HP4050 print filter file to get proper/expected output.

Consider the following Tru64 UNIX Printing resources, which may help resolve your problem.

Tru64 UNIX Doc. online off the WEB at Specifically, the System Admin Guide for your specific release has a chapter on printing.

The Tru64 UNIX Printing Web site at . This site has the HP4050 print filter for download and many resources on printing under Tru64 UNIX.

Also, there is a Best PRactices on Printing under Tru64 UNIX available at .

Hope this helps.

Dave Bechtold