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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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mkfset: error = Device busy

brenda perez
Occasional Advisor

mkfset: error = Device busy

Hi -
Hoping someone can assist. I just replaced a failed drive on an hsg80, added the disk, etc on the controller side. On the OS side this is seen as dsk20 and I want to associate an existing file system with this new dsk. I removed the reference to the old disk in the directory in /etc/fdmns and created a link to the new one. However, when I try to create the file system I'm getting the following message:
mkfset: error = Device busy.

I've done a disklabel -z dsk20 and disklabel -rw dsk20 and tried to recreate using mkfdmn and mkfset and keep getting the same message.
Any ideas??

THanks in advance.
brenda perez
Occasional Advisor

Re: mkfset: error = Device busy

nevermind! I ended up deleting the domain from /etc/fdmns and starting completely over and that did it.