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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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my ES40 error


my ES40 error

I have Tru-cluster for ES40.os version 4.0f.
now,I run clu_ivp:
Cluster Installation Verification Procedure (IVP)
Warning: there is no routing daemon running.
Recommend: that /sbin/rc3/gateway starts either gated, ogated or routed
depending on your network configuration.
ERROR: /var/run/ is incorrect.
Resolution: check that the correct aseagent daemon is running.

Installation verification failed, 1 error detected.

The reported causes of what is wrong?
How do ?
smp1: >ps -ef | grep ase
root 398 1 0.0 Nov 08 ?? 0:00.05 /usr/sbin/aselogger
root 416 1 0.0 Nov 08 ?? 0:00.07 /usr/sbin/aseagent -b -p hsm
root 540 1 0.0 Nov 08 ?? 1:45.26 asehsm -h
root 2335 1 0.0 Nov 08 ?? 0:00.04 /usr/sbin/aselogger
root 2341 1 0.0 Nov 08 ?? 0:00.07 /usr/sbin/aseagent -b -p hsm
root 20582 2721 0.0 16:38:59 ttyp1 0:00.01 grep ase

I look two aseagent processor.why?

Re: my ES40 error

nobody knows why ?