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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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new controller, new disk

Jan Kowalski
Occasional Visitor

new controller, new disk


I've already connected new SATA controller to free PCI slot in AlphaServer DS15 (I hope it is not so stupid). There is also external SATA disk connected to this controler. Of course there is no driver on manufacter website. Is there any chance to use disk connected this way?

>> hwmgr -show -id 49

49: xxxx r---- none Unconfigured-device-()-at-pci0slot16

>> hwmgr -get attribute -id 49
name = Unconfigured-device-()-at-pci0slot16
category = unconfigured_hardware
registration_time = Tue Dec 5 17:12:02 2006
user_name = (null) (settable)
location = (null) (settable)
software_module = (null)
state = available
state_previous = unknown
state_change_time = none
event_count = 0
last_event_time = none
access_state = online
access_state_change_time = none
capabilities = 0
indicted = 0
indicted_probability = (null)
indicted_urgency = (null)
disabled = 0

Best regards,
Jan Kowalski
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: new controller, new disk

You need is a Tru64 device driver for the
card, there probably is none anywhere, and
it's not likely that anyone will ever write

Supported SCSI adapters exist, and there may
be a SCSI-SATA converter out there somewhere.