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printing - messages from LPD

printing - messages from LPD


what is the reason for following messages in lpr.log:

lpd[1488787]: INFO -- displayq: many entries in queue on remote host ps323d for remote printer

The printer (Epson DFX9000) prints then stops for long jobs (300+ pages).

Any idea ?

Best regards,
Johan Brusche
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Re: printing - messages from LPD

This is about number of files to be printed in the spool directory on system ps323d for that printer.

If the remote ps323d system would run Tru64, then the 'sd' entry in the REMOTE /etc/princtap determines the limit of number of files in the spool-directory. The default for sd=1000.

If the remote lpd is running on some other OS, or inside the printer itself, then you will have to look for such limit at that side.

___ Johan ./


Re: printing - messages from LPD

Thank you Johan,

but sd entry is for spool directory. Do you mean mj ?

In my case it is printserver built in Epson9000 and I cannot find anything like it.

Best regards
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Re: printing - messages from LPD

Kindly check or create spooling directory in unix system and put entry in /etc/printcap for the same and if remote is windows system then you can select option to print after last page spooled.