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"CPU1 VIO warn" help help help...

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"CPU1 VIO warn" help help help...

I have a ES40 machine. it has 4 processors. Today when i swapped CPU0 with CPU3 for some maintenance purpose, and when i powered up the system it gave an error message saying "CPU1 VIO warn". And doesn't proceeded any further.

Please advice what has went wrong?
Abdul Qayyum
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: "CPU1 VIO warn" help help help...

You mean that it _had_ four processors.

I know nothing, but a Google search for
"vio warn" finds a bunch of stuff which
suggests bad hardware.

What happens when you swap them back?

You were wearing your anti-static strap,
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Re: "CPU1 VIO warn" help help help...

Yes i was wearing my anti static strap. and to my satisfaction CPU1 come to normal after another swapping :)

i.e problem is solved

Thank for your help