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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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sys_check V133

John Palmer_5
Occasional Contributor

sys_check V133

I recently updated sys_check from V132 to V133 per HP request. We have an 8400,TRU64 V5.1B PK3 that has a problem and HP is working on it. Ever since I installed V133 of sys_check it will not finish doing sys_check -escalate.
It hangs on the Oracle section. Getting ready to open a call with HP but wanted to see if anyone has seen this? Even dropped back to V132 with no fix. It worked fine until the update. Thanks.
Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: sys_check V133

Whenever sys_check hangs, I first use

ps -ej | grep -E "PID|check"

Under the column heading PGID, you will find the process group id of the main sys_check.
Then use
ps -fg
and you will find all sub-process that were forked by the main sys_check.
Now kill the one subprocess you suspect to hang.

You could also try the command

sys_check oracle > /var/tmp/ora_check.html

to just run the Oracle module of sys_check.

Have fun,