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unable to get boot prompt in the monitor VT520.

Frequent Advisor

unable to get boot prompt in the monitor VT520.

Iam using Alpha server 400 4/233 machine(Model PB50H). Monitor connected to the same is of model VT520. When i switch on the machine iam not getting any boot prompt.

I doubt the way i use the cable to connect the monitor and the machine is correct or not. Kindly clarify is there a connector used at both the ends in monitoro and the machine to connect the cable or is there any other way.

Dave Bechtold
Respected Contributor

Re: unable to get boot prompt in the monitor VT520.


I'd first want to know if the system was working using this VT520 as the console. Or is this a new configuration/system to you and you are unaware of it's previous state.

The VT520 is a ANSI Terminal not a graphics Monitor. So, I'd expect it to be connected to COM1 - one of the 9 pin Serial/Comm ports using a serial cable to the VT520. The ports for serial console are usually set for 8Bit, no parity, 9600 Baud. The systems SRM console variable CONSOLE must set to SERIAL to use the COM1 port for the serial console.

The default for an AlphaServer is to use a GRAPHICS console = Graphics card in PCI slot, PS2 Keyboard and Mouse. If you have a VGA/SVGA Monitor and a PC101 PS2 keyboard laying around you may want to try and connect them to the system and then power cycle it and see if you get anything. The Monitor used may depend on the graphics card installed. So, if you pursue this approach, see if there is a graphics card installed in the system and what model it is - it's probably stamped in metal of the I/O Filter bracket where the video cable connects (Ex. ZLXp-E?).

Dave Bechtold