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Operating System - Tru64 Unix
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vmunix: /usr: write failed, file system is full

Occasional Visitor

vmunix: /usr: write failed, file system is full

Pls let me know the solution of above problem. the detail info abt df and du commands are attached. hoping to hear from you soon.

Larry De Clay
Frequent Advisor

Re: vmunix: /usr: write failed, file system is full

The output of the du (in the file attached) look like the output of the du -sk /var/adm and your problem is in /usr. The /usr and /var are in different filesystems.
First, you have to look inside /usr/cluster directory. Or look into /usr/users.

I hope that will help you.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: vmunix: /usr: write failed, file system is full

I am with Larry...

I looks like /usr is full and the attached output does not look like a /usr but /var.

So retry du -sk /usr.

For unexpected/sudden fill up I would also suspect a single (log) file getting out of control. So I would try a command to look for large files. Maybe 10m is already enough to limit the output to a screen full. Maybels -l you need 50000k on your system:

find /usr -size +10000k -exec ls -l {} \;

And look around for core files/directories:
find /usr -name core

Finally... Where does /tmp go on the system?
ls -l /tmp