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May I know the commands to find Memory ,disk and CPU details of an ESX3.5 server ?
Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: Commands

use common linux command in service console - top, df (or vdf - special esx version of df)


Re: Commands

Hi Suresh,

you can also use the below commands

#esxtop (only root privileges can run the command, press respective character to get the specific info after running the esxtop)
c CPU, m memory, d disk adapter, u disk device, v disk vm, n network, i
interrupts. commands: h help, q quit, f add fields, o order, s set refresh delay (default 5 secs,min 2), space refesh now, W save as default, V only VMs, 2 row down, 8 up, 4 hide, 6 expand

also you can run 'resxtop' from vMA

these commands can run on ESX 4.x as well

PS do not forget to assign the points
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muruganantham raju
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Re: Commands


extop and general Linux commands (df,free,vmstat etc) would help.

If you have glance installed on ESX3.5, it would get more than what you are looking for.