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Configuring HPSIM on ESX 4.0

Umesh Bhatta

Configuring HPSIM on ESX 4.0

Hi all
We are doing our migration on VMware ESX 4.0. We have to install and configure HPSIM on ESX server. Can any one help me for its installation and configuration.

Re: Configuring HPSIM on ESX 4.0

Unfortunately HPSIM is not supported on virtual environments

You can find this in the install guide of HPSIM and RSP

HPSIM must be run on a physical machine
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: Configuring HPSIM on ESX 4.0


That is not entirely correct.

HPSIM will work fine in a virtual environment - the problem is the Remote Support package. At the moment Remote Support is not supported virtualized.

Look for an updated version in the next couple of months which will support running virtual.