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Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi

Michael Ward_2
Occasional Advisor

Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi

We have a number of ESXi servers running on HP Proliant DL380 G5 servers.

Problem is these servers all show up in Insight Manager with Minor health status due to the FC HBA ports being stopped.

We're not using FibreChannel, so this status is not an issue for us.

Does anyone know how to prevent Insight Manager reporting the FC HBAs as a minor problem?? Not sure if the fix should come from Insight Manager or the ESXi server itself. We've tried uninstalling the FC HBA drivers with no joy.

Having Insight Manager displaying these as errors is a real PITA as it masks 'real' hardware failures. Originally they were displayed as failed due to NICs not being plugged in, which we resolved by plugging in loopback adapters into the unused ports... only to find that the FC HBA is also causing problems :(.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi

Why not remove the adapters if you don't use them?

This will even speed up the boot process a little (OK, no strong argument as one usually does not boot those kind of servers often ;-)
Michael Ward_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi

Good suggestion, although not possible in this case unfortunately.

The FC HBA is part of a combined 10Gb Ethernet (which we are using) and FC HBA CNA Adapter.

Have logged a job with the hardware provider to see if just the FC HBA component can be disabled.

Meantime, if anyone knows of a software solution, please speak up :).
Rich Dowling

Re: Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi

Just raising this one up, as it is now affecting us.


We have 2x dual port HBAs in a number of our full height blades, with only the first port of each HBA in use. Like mentioned above, Insight Manager shows this as a minor alarm, and there doesn't appear to be any way to disable monitoring of specific ports (or even disable monitoring of HBAs full stop, like you used to be able to do on ESX).


Has anyone found a way around this yet?


Re: Disabling 'FC HBA' monitoring on ESXi



I have the same problem. anyone have any suggestion how to fix the problem?