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Re: ESXi

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I checked the support site for HP Proliant DL380G7 server - ESXi 4.1 operating system.

VMware ESXi 4.1 is among the supported operating systems.

When I follow the installation instructions (rpm -ivh hpsmh-6.3.0-22.x86_64.rpm) I get:
-ash: rpm: not found

Putty SCP session:
/tmp # ls
hpsmh-6.3.0-22.x86_64.rpm stage
ipkg.conf vmware-root
/tmp # rpm -ivh hpsmh-6.3.0-22.x86_64.rpm
-ash: rpm: not found
/tmp #

Any ideas for a ESXi rooky?
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Re: ESXi

It's a data classification error for the component. There is no SMH for ESXi.
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Re: ESXi

Hello Andrej,
ESXi does NOT have service console with real linux. So SHM doesn't have enviroment to run.
As Vmware stated, ESX4.1 is latest ESX release available with service console, so in my opinion hardware vendors like HP will try to find diffirent way to monitor current and future ESXi's (as used in SHM)

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Re: ESXi

What ESXi version did you install? The generic one?

FYI. ther should be a Vendor specific ESXi release that likely already have HP Tools integration...

Try that release.
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: ESXi

Hello Andrej,

HP's VMware ESXi support pack includes management CIM providers that provide systems management for your ESXi platforms with HP Systems Insight Manager. Download it for free from here --